Success Story

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Success story

MCC (Mangalore City Corporation)

Mangalore has over 70000 water connections including Residential, Commercial and other organizations. As a tier II modern city, and with most of the citizens being well educated and adept at using technology, they are more keen to adopt to Electronic Billing System. They expect a more convenient and reliable service from the water supply department of City Corporation.

With Water Billing System (AquaSys), an on-line billing technology, Prasanna Technologies helped form a new customer service of the department. This system provided secure and easy-to-use on-line profile page for every customer for accessing their billing information including history of demand and payments. This resulted in lesser visits of customers into billing department. Even bill related statement is simpler to access and understand.

To ensure smooth transactions for end customers, payments has become even easier by enabling customers to pay bills through their banks where Water Billing System is accessible is also integrated.

This system is flexible in that it can provide a quick and accurate calculation of bills having hundreds of complex scenarios within fraction of second. This has reduced the manpower, cost and effort of the billing department. All types of connections, metered and non metered, are being calculated with no disruptions.

System has enabled to track the defaulters in payment. This has made the billing department to take necessary actions recover the revenue successfully. This has increased the total revenue from around 50 lakh to around 1.5 Crores